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VEMS: Independence at home with a safety net

  • " has been useful and reassuring having the 2 units at mums. They are not at all intrusive either." --- HG in Nottinghamshire January 2020
  • "Mary... knows that someone is looking out for her. She finds it very reassuring." --- RR in Chesham January 2020

Carers: You can deliver an even better service

Helping hand

  • If you are a carer who visits older or frail persons, and care for multiple customers, we think that VEMS might help you to provide an even more responsive service and enable you to proactively monitor your customers with minimum interference

  • You will have visibility of the level of activity of all your assigned customers and will be notified if the activity of a particular customer starts to deviate from what VEMS expects

  • You will also be able to monitor your customers by using the Activity Overview graph on your mobile phone, and potentially anticipate a problem even before VEMS has reported it

  • VEMS allows you to see the activity of all your customers in a single application and your customer's family will also have access to the same details, but only for their relative

  • Your organisation will be able to add and remove carers for each customer as the need arises, and each carer will only be able to see the data relating to the customers that are assigned to them

What do I do next?

  • Please contact us to discuss the options that best suit your service delivery model

  • Check our FAQ