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Independence with a safety net

Premium service for your customers


  • If your organisation provides domiciliary care for older or frail persons VEMS will help you offer a more responsive service and monitor their wellbeing proactively with minimum interference.

  • Your Management Team will see the activity of all of Customers on a laptop, and each carer will see the activity of all their allocated customers via a single application on their mobile.

  • The family of each of your customers will also have access to the same details, but only for their relative.

  • If the activity of a particular customer starts to drop from what VEMS expects, it will notify you and the customer's family, so that propmpt action can be taken.

  • Your carers will be able to check the activity graphs on their mobiles at any time; they will be able to potentially detect drops of activity and an anticipate a problem even before VEMS has reported it.

  • Your organisation will be able to add and remove carers for each customer as the need arises, and each carer will only be able to see the data relating to the customers that are assigned to them at any particular time.

What do I do next?

  • If you want to find out more ring us or email us. NO OBLIGATION, and no follow up without your agreement.