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Independence with a safety net

Who are we?

Martin Toni

  • We are Martin and Toni, the founders of Vixen Electronics.

  • Our aim in starting this company was to provide solutions that help older and disabled persons to continue living independently in their own home with the confidence that if they have a fall, faint, or any other event that prevents them from calling for help, their families will be notified quickly.

  • Our journey began by trying to support Mary, Martin's 90 year old mother, to continue living in her beloved bungalow.

  • We respected her wish for independence but we had to be sure that she was alright and that we would find out quickly if anything had happened.

  • We looked in the market, but could not find the right solution, regardless of the cost.

  • So, we decided to build something that would warn us if anything was likely to be wrong, and allow us to keep a very discrete eye on Mary's level of movement.

  • It worked so well that we felt we had an obligation to make the solution available to thousands of other concerned families.

  • Our mission is to make the VEMS service accessible to as many families as possible, and at a reasonable price.

What do I do next?

  • If you want to find out more ring us or email us. NO OBLIGATION, and no follow up without your agreement.